Thursday, June 16, 2011

Better-Than-(insert whichever word you want to use) Cake

Purely for the sake of documenting secret family recipes, here is the recipe for the infamous cake that changes names every time it is made depending on the mood of the baker, and or, eater.

-Take one devil's food cake mix and bake according to package directions
-While still hot, poke holes is cake with a knife and pour one jar of caramel syrup over cake (spread evenely)
-Just before serving, top cake with 1 large box worth of chocolate pudding (made of course, not the powder), Cool Whip, and sprinkle with toffee pieces

I have also made this cake using a white cake mix and vanilla pudding. I have used butterscotch syrup. Chocolate syrup might be a bit much unless you absolutely love chocolate, but the combination options are limitless.

Another reason everyone should have a laminator

A friend was cleaning out her boys' toys and getting rid of stuff. My small fry were the lucky recipients of some Megablocks and Legos (Bob the Builder and Cars- the small fry are happy). I was amazed that she still had the instruction booklets that came with them. However, they had seen better days. While looking at them, an idea flew into my funnel (can you tell I have been watching way too much Thomas)I took this....and turned it into this. I just laminated all of the sheets, punched a hole in the top corner, and added a ring to keep them together. Now they are all ready for more abuse. I mean, use.

Monday, June 6, 2011


We made it! Carol did the sewing on the dress, I did the corset and bonnet. I want you all to note that she told me that it didn't have to be a long sleeve dress (which it's supposed to be by the way) but we got it done in time for trek! We added some elastic to the bottom of my old pair of pajama pants for the bloomers. Yeehaw!