Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pinewood Derby Pictures

The Pinewood Derby is finally over (now to start focusing on the Blue & Gold Banquet). These are the invitations I made for the boys.
This would be the amazing pinewood derby car that my husband made for our special guest.

This would be the special guest- Adolfo Noriega. He is the Street Stock racing champion at the Cocopah Speedway for the last two years (and that would be a replica of the car he is racing this season). He also happens to be my husband's coworker and friend, not to mention a really nice guy.
This is his car that he brought and had in the parking lot when the boys showed up. It is one of his other cars- this years car is getting it's rear brakes fixed and was unavailable.
This is our roadway leading from the back doors to where the race was held. Inspiration from here.
And here is the race room. The checkered flags at the back were from Amazon. The tablecloths were the disposable plastic ones with masking tape.
In case anyone was bored, I made a bean bag toss game. It wasn't fully finished- the felt circles were just sitting on the felt signal, but it worked.
The boys all had to go to the Department of Pinewood Vehicles and get their driver's licenses first. The bucket behind the sign held treats for those who completed a scavenger hunt for traffic signs (when I find the link I will post it).
Then they went to Driver registration to check their cars in. The signs were made by spray painting canvas boards red, cutting out the words with my Silhouette, and running a row of checkered duck tape along the bottom. I also added a checkered flag sticker to the Driver Registration sign. (I may have done about the same thing with my clipboards- and the pens were also covered in checkered duck tape).
The checkered banner was also on Amazon. I made a Sponsor Board to list those who had helped. I used Adolfo's Logo from his website, and created Logos for the others. (The red signs were just some Car trivia and questions that I printed and posted for fun reading)
This was my refreshment table. The road was a black tablecloth that I cut into fourths and added masking tape lines.
This is the amazing cake that one of the cub's mother made.
It was tasty as well as cute. (We also served water bottles wrapped with the checkered duck tape).
This is the track setup. We projected the race results on the screen at the back.
After the boys checked their cars in they went to this table to wait to race. The plates had each of the boys names on them (just printed off shipping labels and stuck them on plates) so they would be easy to locate.
These are the trophys and the display stands the boys made at an earlier den meeting.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where has the time gone?

  The last several years seem to have just flown by. Particularly the last month. It has been a busy one. What have I been up to you ask? Well, for starters there were Christmas presents to be made. If I was better about getting them done before the last minute I would have more pictures to post. I did get a picture of this crayon roll I made my niece.

Since we were further up north where it actually snows, a snowman was also made (I confess, it was mostly Tiger and my husband, with a little help from Kitty- I stayed inside).
As soon as we got back, Kevin and I were a Ma and Pa for the Trek in our stake. I sewed a couple of dresses for that (someday I shall get the pictures of those, but none were on my camera). However, the stake hosted a family trek activity on Saturday. That morning I made Kitty and Monkey bonnets and matching skirts. The aprons were the ones they wore in a pilgrim and Indian themed extended family photo (sorry- I don't have the copyright to those pictures). They were cute little pioneer girls.
Since then, I have been focusing on the Pinewood Derby, which is rapidly approaching. So far, I have:
Clipboards (I spray painted the tops of cheap wood ones red, then ran a strip of duct tape along the bottom, and covered the back with contact paper) 
 Signs: I spray painted thin canvas boards, ran a strip of duct tape, and used my new Silhouette (my husband loves me and got me one for Christmas) to cut out vinyl lettering.
 I also made some bean bags with some scraps of fabric for a bean bag toss.
There is still much left to do, so pardon me if I disappear for a while again.