Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pack Meeting Continued...

 I survived another pack meeting! I will admit to feeling a little nervous. With only a few minutes before the designated start time I was sitting by myself while my children were playing mostly quietly in the nursery. Fortunately, three boys showed up (for which I was very grateful). The grand total was about 20 people counting families and other leaders that showed up. 
This would be the slightly rearranged layout of the cultural hall (when I showed up this afternoon I discovered that some basketball players this morning had moved everything out of the way and then tried to put them back)
 I have been trying to do better about displaying what we have been working on this month. Indian picture drawing and the solar system- how is that for a contrast.
 These are the tee-pees that we made when discussing Native American culture.
 I found these cutouts at the scout office this afternoon when I went to pick up awards. To the side you can see the targets that I made for the bows and arrows.
 This cactus was another scout office find. When I was helping out with the day camp a couple of months ago, I had been given a tour of the closet. I remembered the cactus, but couldn't remember what else they had. Apparently, no one else did either- I was told I was the first person to borrow them since probably the original activity they had been made for.
And this picture is simply to show that I can be my father's daughter. I borrowed a friend's boots for the occasion and putting them on reminded me a lot of my father. I was probably in high school or college the first time that I ever saw him in anything other than a pair of boots. Nowadays he has taken up running and is often in some nice running shoes training for the next Epic Relay. After spending the evening in a pair of boots, I am not sure why it took him so long to switch over. I take more after my father's mother, who was teased about being a member of the Blackfoot tribe on account of running around barefoot all the time and the resultant shade that her feet were.
Now to figure out next month's pack meeting... (hopefully it will have a better turn out).

Monday, June 24, 2013

Go West, Young Man!

This month's Cub Scout theme is perseverance. The pack meeting plan I chose was the western one, purely because it looked like fun. Pack meeting isn't until tomorrow, but if you would like a sneak peak...
 This backdrop came from a cousin. It was painted by her friend's daughter for a western themed family reunion last year, and she was kind enough to let me borrow it.
 This is my new horse- Hidalgo. Fortunately, he doesn't eat much, or make much noise, or mess and I can keep him in the house. The inspiration for him came from this picture.
 I borrowed these stick horses from my cousin as well. Technically, I made them last year (hence I knew she had them). They were patterned after a horse that her mother had made her many years ago. The fence I made from a large cardboard box. If you look closely at the back you can see thee pvc poking out the back. I just covered my pvc frame with the cardboard and drew lines with a sharpie.
 A western theme for 8-10 year old boys just screams "shooting". I found this pattern online and added a little Cub Scout-ness to the targets. My husband and I may have spent a little bit of time the last few days testing out every single one of the guns we made. We are getting pretty good- I am claiming genetics. I am a direct descendant of Jonathan Browning after all.
 This picture does not do these pvc bows and arrows justice, but it will have to do until tomorrow (at which point chances are pretty good that I will either forget to take the camera, or be so busy rushing around that I forget to take pictures). For the most part, I followed the tutorial here. I am going to tighten the strings on the bows tomorrow so they will look more like the top bow- I made these several days ago and decided that I would just tighten them right before pack meeting instead of every other day.
 Here is a close up of my arrows. They are soft tipped, but I am sure still pack a wallop. The rule is "no shooting people or animals".
And this picture is just in case you are wondering what "LOVE" looks like. My wonderful husband is way too supportive of my craziness. I spend a few days on Google and Pinterest getting way too many ideas for what I want to do for pack meeting, and instead of rolling his eyes at me, he asks what he can do to help. We may have spent all Saturday making a horse, six rubber band guns, three targets, and working on a doll bed (that is another post). It was a fun (and productive) day.