Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just Peachy

I really should find the charger for my camera battery, because my phone just doesn't do this bread justice. As in, we ate a small loaf and I put my husband to work making more. He actually is the one who came up with this tasty morsel. He started with the recipe here. He didn't have carrots so he replace with more peaches, and he didn't have pecans or white chocolate chips so he replaced them with walnuts. It is tasty! (Did I mention that I married well? He likes to bake bread on Sundays. I like to eat homemade bread on Sundays. We work together perfectly.)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Miscellaneous

 Monkey and Kitty made a "snake" for Grandma. They painted it themselves too.
 Tiger started it all. He wanted to make a present for Grandma. When asked what, he said a "princess castle". After he made it he said he needed to paint it pink because girls like pink (the black is the window).
I can't take credit for this one. My amazing mother-in-law made a flower and bug cake for Monkey's 3rd birthday. Monkey may have a weird obsession with bugs. She likes to pick them up.

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Beary Simple Party

Followed by a beary simple post:

Balloon rockets: Tape (duct worked best), straw, balloon, string, rocket picture (free-handed, kids colored as gathering activity). Tie string to something, tape straw onto balloon and picture, blow up balloon and hold closed, thread onto string, let go and ZOOM!

Bean-bag toss painted on cardboard. Infant socks filled with popcorn kernels and sealed with a rubber band.  

Free-handed coloring pages.

Teddy Grahams. 2 Flavors! Pumpkin muffins with cream cheese frosting with a teddy on top. Chocolate covered bananas. Apple juice. Happy kids.

Congratulations! You just threw a totally chillaxed party.

And the kiddos had fun.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

a SUPER pack meeting

Tuesday was my last pack meeting as the Cubmaster. (As of Sunday, I am now the Relief Society 2nd Counselor). July's theme is Courage and while I was going over the suggested monthly plans and not feeling particularly inspired, I read in the Tiger book that I didn't have to stick with those options. While discussing it with my husband, the theme of Superheros came up and instantly I knew that was what I wanted to do. What boy doesn't want to be a Superhero?
 Since I haven't seen some of my Cubs all summer, I decided to use Evite to send out invitations. One of my cub's mother very kindly agreed to take a picture of her son for my invitations and she more than delivered.
(I also sent home superhero suckers with the boys that were at the previous week's den meeting, but I failed to get a picture. I used the idea from here.)
I wanted a phone booth at the entrance. I had several ideas for this one, but not enough time to pull it together. In the end, I just wrapped a door in a red tablecloth, cut out the word "telephone" and used a sharpie to draw the squares. (Please ignore the fact that it is actually a Batman cape hanging from the door).
For my gathering activity, they decorated masks (love my Silhouette),

and came up with their own super secret identity (from here).
For this next part you are going to have to use a little imagination again (sorry, I forgot to get pictures again). For the awards, I had seen an idea (here) where you put the awards in balloons, inflated the balloons, and have the boy pop the balloon with a thumbtack infested ball. It looked like fun so that is what I did. I used green balloons (leftover from the Baloo & Gold, and because a lot of villains seem to use green- Green Goblin, Joker, Riddler...). I googled coloring pages of villains and then using my trusty sharpie, sketched villains on the balloons for the boys to pop. I also added some treats in with the awards, and had some balloons with just treats so the boys who hadn't earned any awards this month could still participate.
 To protect the walls, this was my backer board.
 I just bought a presentation board (it started out black so that was nice) and painted the sky and windows. I cut a window out to poke the balloon through and just used a clothespin to hold the balloon in place while the boys were popping them. I think they enjoyed it.
After the ceremony, I had a few games set up for everyone to play while they had refreshments. I reused the rubber band guns from last month with some Spiderman mini cards I found at the dollar store.
 Shall we call it Spidey Shootout?
For this one I had Avenger frisbees (also from the dollar store). I was excited to see that the dollar store also had black foam board.
 Tiger had fun playing with everything while I was setting up.
 This was my Batman Bowling. I googled villain images and printed them off and laminated them and stuck them on bottles (Two-face, Joker, and Mr. Freeze are hiding behind).
 This activity actually came together the day of pack meeting as I was trying to think of a third game to balance out my game wall.
 For other decorations I took black cardstock and cut cityscapes, and brought all of my children's superhero toys. I think pack meeting went well, and there was a good turnout, which made me happy. I am going to miss Cub Scouts greatly.