Sunday, March 24, 2013

Baloo & Gold {part 2}

I know, I am a little slow in posting these. That is what I get for forgetting to take my own camera with me.
 This is one of my carpet tube palm trees. I had nine of these throughout the room.
 This was the art station. In the background you can see the vines with leaves.
This was my sample of the art project. We took styrofoam plates, and drew designs with pencil. Then we took a roller brush and painted over the plate. After that, a sheet of cardstock was carefully laid over the stamp, pressed, and carefully peeled off.
 I had twelve tables set up, with centerpieces with parts of the scout law. The vines above were strung on fishing line.
The centerpieces- I think I had four or five different jungle animal wood cutouts glued to brown boards.
Here is the games section.
 In the background you can see my last-minute waterfall.
 These are the cakes the boys brought for refreshments.
 And another view of the vines and trees.
 Up on the stage the boys (and girls) made puddle jumpers and walked on stilts.
 I tried to make things nice and green. The station on the left was where they were making rain sticks for their homemade musical instrument out of toilet paper rolls and rice and beans.
 One more view of the trees with my paper-mache coconuts.
Here are some of the pictures I got the night before while we were still setting up:
 This side of the room was were we served the food.
 I didn't have enough coconuts for all the trees, so I made a balloon monkey for this one. The things you can learn from the internet... :)
This was my Mugwamp Swamp.
And the beanbag toss that was made by one of my sweet volunteer's husband. He did an amazing job.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Concerning Hobbits

 A good friend invited us over to celebrate her son's eighth birthday. I asked to make the cake, and she let me. The boy liked Legos, but other than that, I had no constraints (I was told he was an easy-going kid). So I went to Walmart and found a Lego set that I like, and the idea for the cake came to mind (kind of like the sentence "In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.") I just had to turn that into reality. I was pleased with the results, and I think the birthday boy was too. I may have taken a few pictures.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Baloo & Gold {part 1}

  Tuesday we had our pack's Blue & Gold Banquet, except we changed it up a little bit. We called ours the Baloo & Gold and went with a jungle theme. It was a lot of fun to put together, but also a lot of work. For the gathering activity, I asked four women in my ward if they would be in charge of some activity booths (seven to be exact). I pulled my ideas for the activity booths from the electives sections of the Wolf and Bear books. So that the boys could keep track of which ones they had completed, I made some passports that they could take around the the different stations and get stamps as they completed projects.
 I printed the covers in two shades of green card stock (because I didn't have enough to do just one color), printed the insides on some parchment like paper, and used a deckle blade on the the edges of the inside papers). I used my 1/8" hole punch and some jute twine to hold them all together.
All total, I think I ended up with 44 of these.
 Please ignore the painted fingers- I might have been spray painting some paper mache coconuts without wearing protective gloves. (They are almost clean half a week and countless scrubbings later)
   I found some jungle animal stamps at Jo-Ann's that were used to stamp the insides.