Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to make a birthday cake for a boy obsessed with Thomas the Train

1. Google "Train Cakes"
2. Find idea
3. Think about it way too much
4. Make
OK, I had much more fun than that. I liked the look of the tunnel on one of the cakes I saw online. I also liked the idea of the tree. I made my tree out of chocolate melts (just sketched a tree on paper, put wax paper over that, and filled in with chocolate). The rocks are chocolate as well, but I just went to Walmart for those. The best part of the cake (which is rainbow chip with a homemade strawberry jam filling) was not how much sugar it contained (did I mention 2 1/2 batches of frosting) but how big the eyes of the boy got when I put the train on the tracks. He was a happy boy.
The back view. On the many train cakes I looked at one had a tunnel on the back side. I thought that would be more exciting than nothing. And I did like the tree so I threw another on as well. I originally was planning on writing "chugga chugga choo choo" on the back. I tried it in black frosting- it didn't turn out. I tried it in blue, and ended up scrapping that off as well. so I settled for just clouds and birds. I liked it. More importantly, so did the birthday boy who woke up this morning asking for "train cake".

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  1. I love this cake. I am awed. I usually feel pleased with myself for writing Happy Birthday, and maybe a name too.