Saturday, August 27, 2011

27 Dresses (ok, not quite that many)

It started with a dress much like this one. My brother-in-law is getting married in another month, and I made a dress like the one pictured above (just a fraction of a shade darker) for my sister-in-law. I had a friend who had two daughters (and a son) getting baptized and we decided to make dresses for their special occasion. The oldest girl liked the bridesmaid dress so we made her this one. Simplicity 2498 view D in case you were wondering.
For the younger sister we went with this version, Butterick 3351, a combination of C and D.
That night I got a call from another friend who was looking for someone to sew a bridesmaid's dress for her friend's daughter because the other friend's friend's son was pulling off a three week engagement. I was able to get this dress done in a day (New Look 6909 view E), but it ended up being too small. Fortunately it fit the bride's sister, but that still left another dress to sew.
The final dress, minus the silver tie.
Now I just have left another bridesmaid dress like the one on top, a flower girl dress, and a smallish fry dress.

Oreo Truffles

Rich, tasty, and oh so easy. How easy you ask? Let me tell you. Take one bag of Oreo cookies and smash into crumbs (and I promise to not tell if not all of the Oreos get smashed if you don't tell either), stir in one 8 oz. block of cream cheese, roll into balls, and dip in chocolate. I like to use the candy melts, and on the ones pictured I drizzled them with more candy melts. They look a little Halloweenish, but that was the color I had at the time. As I was making them I thought they would make a great cake pop substitute if they were just put on a stick. Then you could have a tasty cake pop. I did add the extra step of putting the balls in the freezer for a little bit before I dipped them in the chocolate to see if that helped with the dipping, but I have done it without the freezing as well and I didn't notice much difference.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cake Pops that go "Peep"

I had a dilemma. To get a smash cake, I would either need to take the batter from the regular cake mix, in which case the regular cake would be flatter, or make another whole cake and have lots of leftovers. I went with option #2 and decided to try the cake pop thing that I have been seeing all over. Basically, you bake a cake, let it cool, crumble it up, add frosting, form into balls, and decorate. These ones I dipped in yellow candy melts and added more candy melts for the details. (They weren't my favorite. I think I would like them better if it was a ball of cake without the extra frosting, cause it was a bit on the excessively rich side. Too bad, cause they are cute).

Happy Birthday!

The smallest fry finally turned one. After much debating and thinking and trying to decide what kind of cake to make for her, since she hasn't gotten around to expressing any preferences yet, I remembered that I had a Winnie the Pooh cake pan. Perfect for a first birthday I thought.
The "smash cake" for the small fry. What goes better with Pooh Bear than bees and honey? The bees I made out of candy melts. I just free-handed them on wax paper. They were the first things eaten when she went for the cake.
One satisfied customer.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scott's Craftiness

I tried to post the actual video, but I think it was too big so I'm just going to post the link to the video. This is Penny's video, we now have one for all of our kids although on the music is blocked off of Scotty's video.