Monday, March 2, 2015

Jedi Training Academy Blue & Gold Banquet

Warning: Post in Progress- I will update it with links and descriptions eventually.

My little sister keeps lovingly reminding me that I need to post pictures of my crazy life. So, only a month after the event, here are the pictures from the Jedi Training Academy Blue & Gold Cub Scout Banquet. My good friend Shawna is a Cub Scout leader in another pack. We used the same theme and had way too much fun planning. As always, I was too busy to take pictures. Fortunately, a Cub's mom willingly took pictures for me when I handed her my camera.
The welcome sign:

The gathering activity:
Larger images of the symbols were hidden around the room for the scouts to find. As a last minute project, I wrapped some silver tape around the pencils to make them look a little more like lightsabers. The lightsabers on the sides of the papers are the utensils/napkins for the dinner.

The decorations:
Paper lanterns in different sizes were strung from the ceiling, along with some star twirly things, and some Star Wars paper airplanes. The tables were black tablecloths sprinkled with gold star confetti. I spray painted star balloon weighs and star glass candy dishes gold and spread them along the tabletop. I used some Star Wars silicone molds and plaster of Paris to make some more centerpieces. Leftover black plastic tablecloth was taped to the walls with  some more gold stars. Star Wars posters completed the effect.

The food:

The beverages:

The activities:

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