Thursday, March 5, 2015

Space Derby

The Cub Scout Space Derby was earlier this year. It happened to fall during the period of time where I was sick for over a month with a pesky, obnoxious cold. One of my sisters was also visiting me at the time. I put her to work hanging up all of my decorations. I tried to keep it fairly simple- just cut out some aliens and spaceships with my Silhouette. 

Tiger had fun. He was quite pleased with his Tie Fighter. He and his dad had started it- probably a month before, but hadn't finished it. The day of the derby snuck up on us, and I was left to finish his rocket while he was at school. I figured he wasn't going to win so it would be ok to just make it look cool. No one was more surprised than I when he took second in the Tiger division.

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